How much does it cost?

In Ireland, a GP visit costs €50-60, unless you have a medical card, in which case consultations are free of charge. For prescription drugs, medical card holders are required to pay €2.50 per item, up to a maximum of €25 per month per person or family. Those without medical cards pay a maximum of €144 a month for prescription drugs under the Drugs Payment Scheme. People with depression can choose to access private counselling, which may be free for medical card holders but costs about €60 per session otherwise. Some health insurance schemes and some workplaces will cover the costs of private counselling for a fixed number of sessions. Many counselling centres operate on sliding scales or are funded by voluntary donations. If your depression is more severe or complex, you might be referred by your GP to a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist. These consultations are provided free of charge but the waiting lists are usually longer than for private counselling.